Stefanie Buschor

PhD student

Stefanie Buschor’s scientific career started in 2011, when she was working with Prof. J.-L. Reymond on her Master thesis: “Synthesis and Biological Testing of Cell Penetrating Peptide Dendrimers”. She currently works on developing a “Next-Generation Reversible Colonization Model”. Stefanie is seldom seen not wearing headphones. Rumor has it, that her electro-sounds keep her in an incredibly efficient working-mode. She is highly motivated and organized; fluent in Spanish, French, German and English; and very good at providing accurate insights in response to scientific enquiries.

Besides her academic career she is an avid volleyball player with a remarkable work/life balance. When she is not working in the lab, or training with her team VBC Fribourg, she is attending major festivals, running, snowboarding, travelling or baking. She has never been observed doing nothing. Quite often she spoils her lab colleagues with a huge variety of home-made cupcakes and other sweets. Apart from that, Stefanie has a flair for stylish sunglasses, watches and fashion.

Stefanie is supported by a prestigious Boehringer Ingelheim Foundation PhD Fellowship.