Simona Pfister

PhD student

Simi is originally from Lucerne and studied Biomedicine in Fribourg and Berne. She completed her Master thesis under the supervision of Siegfried with the title “Investigation of IgA-Inducing Enterobacterial Activity Parameters and a Revised Model of Reversible Intestinal Bacterial Colonization”. She is currently working on the mechanisms of immune recognition of intestinal bacteria. She helped setting up our current lab and due to her experience she is sometimes called the goddess of knowledge. As Simi is a very helpful and friendly person, she has helped the new lab members settle in and we have all learned a lot from her!

Apart from being a talented researcher Simona is very good chef. Her homemade Sushi and truffle-cake are to die for. She also enjoys hiking, running, knitting, visiting concerts, and pretty shoes.