Miguelangel Cuenca

PhD student

Miguelangel Cuenca grew up on a sunny island in Venezuela and studied Biology in Caracas. He earned his Master degree at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain with the project “Genetic Scale Metabolic Reconstruction of Rhodococcus ruber”. Since September 2012 he works in Sigi’s lab and attempts to computationally model innate immune recognition  of intestinal microbes.. With a likelihood of 99.5% Miguel’s computational skills and statistics expertise will save the lab one day from picky revisions.

He is an honest companion and able to entertain his colleagues with his magic power: the NEVER-stop-speaking mutation. Miguel’s skill repertoire includes sensitive scanning of the mood of his colleagues, improvisation, immense and broad knowledge of: general knowledge, life experience and inadequate words (especially in Spanish bakeries). Miguel likes drinking Mate, bouldering and discovering local activities like “Aareböötle”.


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